Meet Haydee

Haydee Duarte, Creative Director & Founder | Blush & White Event and Design House

Hi, I’m Haydee (pronounced i – Day), the face behind Blush & White.  Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read about our story and get to know me. I hope we get to meet in person one day, so I can also get to know you.  Before I share my story, I want to congratulate you on starting the journey towards ‘two becoming one’ as you continue your own love story.  My heart is happiest when working with couples who put love first and create a beautiful wedding filled with grace and intention.

My love for beautiful spaces extended into event design when I saw a need for couples who wanted to create weddings that truly represented their personal style and brand as a couple, including details from their background, cultural heritage, and past experiences together.  I grew up in New Jersey and worked in high-profile corporate jobs in New York City while fulfilling my desire to travel the world and immerse myself in different cultures.  I have lived in London, Germany, and Phoenix where I finally fell in love and married a man who shares my love for different cultures and traveling.

My passport has been filled many times over, with multiple trips to Paris, long-haul trips to Italy that included stays in Florence, Tuscany, and the picturesque Amalfi Coast.  My husband and I have traveled to Mexico together more times than we can count, including the lazy coastal town of Zihuatanejo where we celebrated our honeymoon.  The many trips I took to far and away places shaped my life and views on people forever.  As a lover of languages, I have a weak spot for poetry and also speak French and Spanish (my native tongue), and enough Italian and Portuguese to get by in Italy and Brazil without an interpreter.

Family Photo by Michelle March

Our lives changed, for the best, when I became a mom.  My heart was filled with joy instantly when we welcomed our twin girls into our lives.  Though born far too soon, at 29 weeks, it was the most humbling experience of my life and a realization that there is more to life than spending it working at a corporate job with little room for my new family.  This feeling grew when our son was born, two years later.  This drove me to create a business full of passion, that celebrates life and love.

At its core, Blush & White exists to bring people together while celebrating individual stories and a shared love story.  I strongly believe that a beautiful marriage is worth celebrating in style, among those you love the most.  I personally design each wedding we create, while my team supports me with logistics, coordination and onsite support.

I live for design.  I believe that everything around us that brings us joy started with great design.  I love life’s little pleasures, such as wine and cheese dates with my hubby at home, movie nights with our kids, and reading a book while soaking in a lavender-infused bath.  I also love to indulge and celebrate life’s sweetest moments.  My guilty pleasures include finding excuses to pop a bottle of Rose Veuve Clicquot or booking a spa day or brunch date with a girlfriend who also needs a break.

If you’d like to continue this conversation, let’s chat soon.  I’m sure we have loads to talk about if you’re still reading…