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There is something so romantic about a venue rich in history and surrounded by a beautiful landscape. Often times, finding the perfect venue is the easiest way to set the mood for your wedding and wedding day portraits. When planning a destination wedding, this is also a great way to introduce your guests to the area and provide an unforgettable guest experience.

We’re sharing five questions for you to consider when searching for your perfect venue.

1 What’s Your Wedding Style?

Your venue should match the formality and the mood of your personal wedding style. This includes your love and appreciation for details you want to highlight on your wedding day, as well as what you’d like to wear. If you love lace and glamour, a chateau may be ideal for you; if you love organic and natural details, a vineyard or garden would be great. The venue sets the stage for your wedding celebration and will also set the mood for your ceremony and reception. You can use the venue as inspiration for so many other details, including your menu, guests’ dress code and even favors for your guests. We love finding locations in Florida that evoke European landscapes, such as Bella Collina and the Ancient Spanish Monastery.

2 How Many Guests Do You Expect?

It’s important to know your estimated number of guests before you start searching for the perfect venue. If you are planning an intimate wedding, the setting should also be intimate and cozy. There’s nothing more awkward than having a reception for 40 guests in a space that accommodates 400, or wanting 200 guests and realizing the maximum allowed is 100. It’s also important to note that some venues also require a ‘site fee’ for the use of their property, especially if it’s a historic venue. This site fee is in addition to any other costs for catering and services provided by the venue.

Ancient Spanish Monastery by Michelle March

Michelle March Photography

3 What Makes this Venue Unique?

We love historic venues, especially those with unique architectural details or a great story. Take time to learn about the venue’s history, and also reflect on places you’ve visited as a couple that you love. Your wedding setting should be unique and reflect your love for each other, whether it’s a shared appreciation for a favorite destination, setting or hobby. We love the history behind Vizcaya Museum in Miami and the Ringling Museum in Sarasota.

4 Will You Have Exclusive Access?

A lot of historic venues are public sites that may remain open to the public during your ceremony. This includes historic sites and museums, but also the grounds for some private estates. If you want to have an exclusive, private event, it’s good to ask about this upfront before setting on the perfect venue.

5 One Venue or Two Venues?

We love using the same location for the ceremony and reception. This is great because it offers more time for wedding portraits, less time for guests to transfer between sites and usually provides a much more relaxed mood to your celebration. Think about your needs and requirements before deciding if you should use the same or different locations. Where would you like to have your portraits taken? Would you like to have a religious or non-denominational ceremony? Are there any requirements for your ceremony setup that restrict your location? Also, think about the backdrop and setting for your ceremony. Some venues offer the best of both worlds, with a gorgeous outdoor location for your ceremony and options for an elegant indoor or outdoor setting on site. This includes the Deering Estate and Biltmore Hotel in Miami.

Biltmore Hotel by Starfish Studios

Starfish Studios

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We would be together and have our books and at night be warm 

in bed together with the windows open and the stars bright.

-Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast


Be mine.

Hilary and David may live in California but their love has roots in Florida.  They had such a great sense of their own style yet were open to new ideas.  This gorgeous Valentine’s Day wedding was the perfect marriage of Old Havana meets Hollywood Glamour and featured a design that highlighted their love for literature.  Hilary wore a delicate gold lace gown, designed and personally fitted, by Claire Pettibone and David channeled a 1920’s gentleman effortlessly in a tuxedo featuring a white dinner jacket.

Their ceremony featured a reading from one of David’s own short stories and Hilary recited her vows in Spanish, to honor his Cuban heritage.  They recited their vows in Key Biscayne overlooking the Lighthouse at Bill Baggs State Park and partied all night long at the Lighthouse Cafe, with signature his and hers craft cocktails served by Bar Lab, a whole roasted pig, and assorted desserts by Earth and Sugar complemented by home made rice pudding made by the grooms’ grandmother.  The beautifully styled reception came to life with farm house tables, lounge arrangements and vintage china from Unearthed Vintage paired perfectly with floral design vignettes featuring palm fronds, vintage books and a variety of blooms by Julia Rohde Designs.

The celebration came to an end after a set of Beatles’ songs was performed live by the grooms’ brother’s band, the Jacuzzi Boys.  These two danced the night away into the wee hours, extending the party with their guests at the nearby Boaters’ Grill.  Everything was captured beautifully in these dreamy photos by Luke + Katherine of Max and Friends and the energy of the day (and evening) live on forever in the films created by the talented Wade Koch and his team over at Shark Pig.



Featured on Green Wedding Shoes

Photo by Luke + Katherine | Max & Friends


Photo by Luke + Katherine | Max & Friends


Photo by Luke & Katherine | Max and Friends


Photo by Luke & Katherine | Max and Friends


Photo by Luke & Katherine | Max and Friends


Photo by Luke & Katherine | Max and Friends


Photo by Luke & Katherine | Max and Friends


Photo by Luke & Katherine | Max and Friends

The average couple spends approximately 250 hours planning their wedding, including countless hours browsing inspiration, interviewing vendors and sourcing details for the ceremony and reception. Are you one of the brave couples who decided to plan your own wedding, only to realize it takes a lot more time than you initially thought? Are you tired of browsing online for the perfect photographer, florist or cake artist only to reach out to them and realize they are outside of your budget? We get it. Planning a wedding takes time. It takes research. It takes a lot of spreadsheets, phone calls, and meetings to pull together.  Most of all, though, it requires a clear vision and plan.

There’s a reason I focus on providing full-service design and coordination. It’s because I want you to truly enjoy the wedding planning experience, and spend your time planning your honeymoon and not stressing about details.  How do I do this, while working with more than one couple at once? It’s easy. I follow the same process every time, to you through every phase of the process and support you in making well-informed decisions that will bring your wedding to life – on your terms.

Photo by Merari Photography


The Blush & White Experience

Every wedding is unique, so it’s important to get to know you and all about your needs before we start.  When you first contact me, I’ll follow up to prepare you for our initial consultation. This includes sending you an online questionnaire to collect information about everything you’ve already done and an idea of your overall vision. You’ll schedule your consultation directly in our online calendar, and we can meet in person or talk on the phone, depending on your preference and location. I strongly encourage both partners to participate in this chat, so I can get to know each other as we talk about your love story and what means the most to you.

Once our meeting is over, I’ll send over your custom proposal tailored specifically to fit your needs with different options to consider. I always welcome your comments and will discuss any changes with you to finalize it. Once you are happy with it, you can sign our agreement online and lock in your date with a 50% retainer I collect online. We manage our entire process exclusively online to collect signatures, payments and maintain all vendor documentation (and your privacy) throughout the process. As you may have guessed, we love checklists and are extremely organized.

Once your deposit and contract are received, we can finally start working on your design process. Before I start, you’ll receive another online questionnaire to ask you all about your vision and give you an opportunity to share any online inspiration boards you may have started. I will discuss these with you to start defining your style and the mood for your wedding. Based on this, I create a series of visual presentations that capture the vision of your wedding day and lay the foundation for the design of all the elements of your wedding, from the wardrobe selection for you and your bridal party, to the floral decor throughout and even lovely details like your signature cocktails and favors for your guests.

This includes a vision board that captures the overall mood and feel of your wedding, as well as a branding board that defines your color story, textures, and even fonts that will be used for your stationery and custom signs. In the end, you’ll receive a final presentation with curated images for each element of your design and styling of all the lovely details that make your wedding unique.

Your design presentation, along with the allocation of your budget, based on your priorities, will help guide me in personally selecting each member of your dream team. My goal is to match you with the best vendors for your wedding based on their expertise, style, and personality.  We will recommend at least two vendors for every element of your wedding, and attend the first initial consultation with each vendor so you’ll never have to worry about what to ask or how to prepare for a vendor meeting.  We even handle negotiations on price and services, so it never becomes uncomfortable for you.

We will work together to prioritize your budget and allocate it accordingly so that you spend it on what is most important to you. This is so important, or you may run out of money before you have made arrangements for the things that matter most. I have honest discussions with you to set realistic expectations, and also share a few styling secrets with you to stretch your budget.

Our relationship with the best in class vendors not only saves you time and stress but also ensures your day is run seamlessly by a group of talented professionals who work great together. Once all your vendors are booked, contracts are signed, and payments are made, it’s up to me to review all the fine print and make sure your services are what you signed up for. In preparation for your big day, you’ll have access to a series of checklists, an online calendar, timelines for your wedding weekend, payment schedules and cheat sheets for your VIPs, vendors and bridal party the day of your wedding.

As we get closer to your wedding day, I’ll on-board an assistant (or two) to join our team and support me onsite. We are on-site up to 12 hours to direct your vendors like a fine orchestra, to make sure everyone is on time and everything looks great and we’ll handle any issues that may arise on the spot so that your wedding day can be as flawless as possible. Our goal is to work in the background quietly, while the day unfolds naturally. I’ll be there styling your details on the spot so that you can focus on looking and feeling fabulous for your guests and portraits.

On your wedding day, my priority is that you can relax, leave your checklists behind and just focus on celebrating your love with your family and friends. Our job is to manage your vendors, style your photos and lovely details, while you and everyone you love experiences the best day ever and makes memories that last a lifetime.

Photo by Luke + Katherine | Max & Friends

I hope that gives you some insight into our process and answers any questions you may have about working with an event designer.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and want to talk in more detail about our services, contact us today to schedule your initial consultation!



Our interpretation of a romantic and organic beachside wedding is inspired by the sand and the ocean.  A touch of elegance is brought into the design with touches of gold, while an organic feel is brought into the design with loose greenery and garden florals.

We created two vision boards for a lovely couple celebrating their wedding with a seaside ceremony overlooking a lighthouse, followed by an intimate reception under the stars that will celebrate their heritage and unique love story. The bride’s love for the unexpected starts with her desire to wear a non-traditional yet romantic gown and the groom’s Greek heritage is the inspiration for details we’ll highlight in the ceremony and reception.

When designing your own wedding, it’s so important to start with a clear vision before you start looking for vendors to bring it to life.  Both of these vision boards portray a love for the ocean, yet each one sets a different mood for the wedding.  Which one would you choose?

Are you lost in a sea of pretty pictures on Instagram and Pinterest, but struggling with pulling it together into a cohesive and meaningful design? We’d love to help you create a design that is beautiful and also achievable.

Organic Ocean Wedding – Vision Board Inspired by the Ocean


Organic Ocean Wedding – Vision Board Inspired by Sand

Visit us on Pinterest to browse through our inspiration boards by theme, and contact us today to schedule your free consultation and inquire about our availability for your wedding date.


Photo Credits on Pinterest: Organic Oceanside Wedding Inspiration Board

True love.

Our Blushing Bride, Lacie, fell in love with Joe while he was on a trip to Florida and they quickly connected over their shared passion of the sea and surfing. They tied the knot in an intimate ceremony at the beach and celebrated with their loved ones in a casual yet elegant brunch reception in Palm Beach.

Their love was captured beautifully by Merari Photography as they exchanged vows under a custom arbor flowing with lovely blooms, created by Julia Rohde Designs.  Delicate dahlias played homage to the grooms’ father, who is a former President of a Dahlia Society in New York.

A surfer Bride & Groom cake topper added the perfect touch of whimsy to an elegant and romantic wedding cake made by Earth and Sugar.

Wishing you a marriage as beautiful as your wedding, Lacie & Joe!







Our summer inspiration is filled with light airy textures and pastel hues. Italy is the perfect destination for a summer wedding with its beautiful architecture and landscapes, and mild weather. Pretty touches of green keep this look airy and organic while still maintaining an air of elegance.

We design romantic weddings for modern couples in love, who are passionate about travel and luxe details. Our custom and full-service approach means we only take on a limited number of weddings each year. This allows us to truly connect with and love our dear couples. This allows you to enjoy your engagement while we work on every detail of your big day.

Happily ever after is just around the corner. Schedule your free consultation today, and while you’re here join our VIP list. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you bring your vision to life.



The legendary Frida Kahlo inspired this look and we added our own modern twist.  This look is perfect for a glamorous bride looking for a touch of the exotic, while the vibrant florals add character and are a beautiful pop of color against an elegant palette of black and gold.

Channelling Frida Kahlo

There are so many ways to bring subtle touches of your heritage or passion for other cultures into your wedding day.  How can you infuse your personality into your reception or ceremony? Can you add some fun person touches by incorporating a signature cocktail with pretty garnishes or ingredients that speak to your background? Can you use pops of color to add some drama, even in small details like your place cards?

Festive Florals

When looking for inspiration for your big day, the possibilities are endless. Take a moment to reflect on all you love, and what unique characteristics really represent you as an individual and a couple, and the result will be an event that is not only beautiful but also connects with your guests and speaks to your heart.

Bold Beauty

Photos by Merari Photography

Florals by Anthology Floristry

Hair & Makeup by Vicky Mejia

Gown by Badgley Mischka

Garden Wedding Inspiration

Having a clear vision for your wedding day starts with defining the overall mood. It’s easy to fall in love with pretty squares on Instagram and create multiple boards on Pinterest, but these are just the beginning to developing the design for your own wedding.

This vision board was created for a lovely couple who chose to celebrate their vows in an intimate wedding set in a California vineyard with 25 of their beloved friends and family, after starting the process based on a more traditional wedding for 150 guests.  These are the love stories that set my heart on fire. It is so much easier to love and pamper your guests and enjoy your wedding when you focus on what matters.

We design romantic weddings for modern couples in love, who are passionate about travel and luxe details. Our custom and full-service approach means we only take on a limited number of weddings each year. This allows us to truly connect with and love our dear couples. This allows you to enjoy your engagement while we work on every detail of your big day.

If you are struggling with defining your style for your wedding and setting it apart from all the rest, join our VIP list to stay in touch. We are working on some special guides and giveaways to share soon.

Spring Wedding Inspiration by Blush & White | Event and Design House

Spring is one of the most popular seasons for weddings, with its mild weather and fresh flowers.  Couples wedding this season often opt for outdoor celebrations set in romantic, intimate settings surrounded by fresh greenery like vineyards and chateau gardens.

Wedding celebrations in the spring also feature a variety of seasonal flowers, including the ever popular peony along with ranunculus and garden roses in full bloom.  This is a great time of year to feature a fresh floral wreath in your wedding, either as a full backdrop for your ceremony or as an unexpected detail in your reception decor.

This is the season for embracing lighter textures, like tulle and organza, while drawing on nature’s own beauty for inspiration.  Soft pastel hues are the perfect complement to a neutral color story, and floral greenery provides the perfect accent to your palette.

The inspiration for this elegant garden wedding is based on an outdoor wedding set in a Tuscan villa, and an intimate tablescape with lots of lush greenery.  This inspiration board captures the essence of Tuscany and the softness of nature, and is perfect for an elegant garden wedding in the Spring.

Visit our pinterest board today for more wedding inspiration.

Luxe Wedding Inspiration Design


Blush & White | Event and Design House

celebrating love in style


Blush & White Event and Design House was created out of a passion for designing weddings that are both timeless and romantic, inspired by the mood and style captured by ‘Black & White’ film photography.  Initially formed as Sweetest Celebrations in 2013, we are a boutique wedding services company based in South Florida, with a love for design.

The Blush & White couple loves to live life to the fullest and values experiences over extravagant details.  They are stylish, but not trendy.  They love romance in its most subtle form.  At the heart of every wedding is a love story waiting to be told.  We believe your wedding should be an extension of your personal style and timeless memories are the result of your expression of gratitude and hospitality for those you love.

We limit the amount of full-service weddings we take so we can truly connect with each couple and pamper you throughout the process.  You deserve to bask in your love and celebrate it fully, not stress over wedding details and logistics.  Our full-service approach means we are with you every step of the way and are involved in every little detail.

We create full design presentations that begin with a thoughtful mood board capturing your vision and representing your style as a couple, and we personally match you to the perfect vendors to bring your vision to life.  Our signature style is founded on classic neutrals and we love infusing a touch of personality into our designs with a pop of color.

Welcome to Blush & White.  We hope you love what you see.  Take a look around our new website and drop us a note to say hello, or request your personal consultation today.